【EDEN KAI 「モノガタリ (Monogatari)」STUDIO LIVE InterFM897 The Vance K Show】Terrace House song

About ラジオインタビュー(FM897 The Vance K Show )された際に弾いたオリジナル曲「モノガタリ (Monogatari)」です!
Hey! Thanks so much for checking out my live radio performance of my original song “Monogatari” which means story or legend in Japanese. This is the song I wrote music with Japanese lyrics and performed on Terrace House Aloha State. It’s also on my Japan debut album “Music for You”.

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This is one of four songs I performed on The Vance K Show InterFM 897 in TV TOKYO on July 27, 2017.

Hope you enjoy listening to it! 🙂 I had a blast..so much fun being interviewed and performing four of my songs on the show!

Thanks to the awesome:
* DJ Vance K
* Tatsu D mixer & director
* Jingu & Ichiro (Hiro Tokito) Video editor

and everyone at Tokyo’s most excellent international radio station InterFM 897!!!

LYRICS (Japanese/English translation):
モノガタリ Monogatari
Story or Legend
見上げたらそこには Looking up over there
ステキな家がありました There was a nice house
一歩踏み込んで I took a step forward
ドアを開けて Open the door
知らない顔が5つありました And there were 5 unfamiliar faces
“今からみんなと暮らすのか” って [mentality thinking] Imagining my new life with them
思いながら While thinking
外の景色を眺めてた I stared at the views outside

全然信じられなくて I had no faith in myself
毎回強がって I put on bravado
人に合わせ続けた I’ve always gotten along with everyone
それから見直して But after rethinking
何度も繰り返して And repeating and repeating
本当の自分になれたよ I’ve become my true self

見上げたらそこには Looking up over there
ステキなアートがありました There was nice art
瞳が綺麗で Her eyes were beautiful
笑顔が好きで I liked her smile
その想像力に見とれました That imagination [of hers] fascinated me
“今からその子を誘おうか” って [mentality thinking] “Are you going to ask her out now?”
思いながら While thinking
言いたいことを必死に考えてた I was desperately thinking about what I wanted to say⚬
勇気を出して I Took courage
時間をかけて I Took time
同じ世界を見てみた To see the same world
それから見直して But after rethinking
何度も考えて Thinking over and over
正直になれたよ I have become honest

素直になって I have become myself
たくさん経験して And experienced more
同じ時間を過ごした We have shared the same moments
感謝がしたくて I want to thank you
ありがとうが言いたくて I want to tell you that
物語は続くよ My story still continues

Eden Kai: Main vocals, Backup vocals, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
© 2017 Eden Kai LLC ASCAP All Rights Reserved.


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With millions of fans around the world, Eden Kai has earned his reputation as being a ukulele and guitar virtuoso, a Pop/R&B vocalist, and an accomplished actor. While many were first introduced to Eden when he joined the cast of Netflix and Fuji Television’s Terrace House: Aloha State, the young star’s success had already been years in the making. He has since gone on to make additional appearances on Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020, appeared on Shiro to Kiiro on Amazon Prime and has performed at the Fuji Rock Festival (the largest outdoor music festival in Japan), Nisei Week Festival in Little Tokyo, OC Japan Fair and ANA Honolulu Music Week in Waikiki. Eden’s accomplishments have earned him interviews by NBC News and The Yomiuri Shinbun (the world’s most circulated newspaper).

His most recent album, Home Sweet Home, released in 2018 and was recorded in Tokyo, Japan, produced by his music label in Japan Victor Entertainment. Three tracks from that album were featured in episodes of Netflix Japan’s Terrace House during the show’s Opening New Doors and Tokyo 2019-2020 seasons. The series also featured Eden’s instrumental compositions of “Touch the Sky” and “Feel the Earth.” “Monogatari” was his debut pop vocal single, which he wrote and performed on the show. That music, as well as Eden’s past album releases, can be heard on all major streaming services and is available for purchase on Eden’s official website, http://www.EdenKai.com.

In addition to working on his own music, Eden has collaborated with some of the world’s top artists and producers, including EXILE and Dream. One of his compositions was used to create “Anuenue,” a hit J-Pop single recorded and released by Dance Earth Party, which landed at #11 on the Oricon Music Charts in Japan.

Eden also recognizes the importance of using his music to help others. He has hosted several ukulele workshops in Honolulu and Japan, been the featured performer at the Waikiki Spam Jam, benefiting the largest non-profit in Hawaii that feeds the needy, and the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival from which proceeds helped local children in the community.




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